Intosys S.A de C.V. is a company in the field of Information Technology Services, legally established on 2000 and with extensive geographic coverage in Latin America and a team of managers and directors with an average of 25 years in this industry


Meet the requirements of our customers and work as a team to meet and exceed their expectations, providing a wide range of information technology services in any geographical area where they require it, aligned to the best industry practices and certifications.


To be the leading company in information technology services, delivering quality services in any geographical area, through strategic initiatives, adhering to the institutional values that govern the behavior and performance of our employees and business partners.


* Intosys started operations in the year 2000 * Orientation to the Hardware benchmarking for Solutions of the Private Sector and Government * Service and Support to Data Center Infrastructure Solutions * Presence in the 32 States of the Mexican Republic * Logistics services for computer equipment and peripherals * Consulting Services for Data Center Infrastructure * Benchmarking Services for Private Sector and Government Solutions Hardware * Consultancy for Government Tenders * In 2010, Intosys, began its expansion to other countries in Latin America * Opening of Operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru * Expansion of the service portfolio to Latin America

We have experience in all industries, including: